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High Frequency Ballast for 2000W MH lamps
2000W MH Electronic Ballast
2000W MH Electronic Ballast (rear side)
Photo Electronics is proud to introduce the first in the world  High Frequency electronic power supply able to operate with all 2000W Metal Halide (MH) discharge lamps, short and long arc.

It 'a very high technology product, offered at a competitive price.
The ideal solution for energy savings, lamp life and compatibility with today's high-definition and high frame rate Broadcast TV Cameras.

To learn more about the differences between Ferromagnetic Ballasts and Electronic High Frequency Gears, see also the page:

Technical features

  • Voltage supply: 360-480V 50/60Hz Three Phases: one product suitable for the complete Worldwide 2000W market!
  • No re-phasing necessity: Phasing Capacitor not required.
  • Built-in ignitor device: it automatically shutsdown if lamp is exhausted or defective.
  • Stabilized Lamp output: lamp voltage/current don’t change at Mains fluctuactions.
  • No lamp inrush current: normal ballasts have 40% overload current during lamp start.
  • Improved lamp life.
  • High Frequency power supply: flicker-free feature (no interaction with Mains frequency). This is the best solution for applications in combination with High-speed/High Definition TV Broadcast cameras.
  • Extremely low current ripple (less than 1%).
  • 2 steps dimming feature programmable with no colour temp. change. No additional device needed.
  • Optoisolated control interface.
  • Serial Bus (RS485) available for multi floodlight total remote management (power change, lamp control, lamp failures).
  • ENERGY SAVING: consumption up to 20% less than magnetic ballast (at the same light output emission). The best solution for Energy Saving.
  • Electronic power supply microprocessor controlled, termically and aginst short circuits protected .
  • Shut off function of floodlight power supply for end of life and lamp fail parameter.
  • Device very light and very compact. dimensions: total weight including aluminium extruded IP66 case Kg 3,5 .HF-2000 can be placed near the fixture without overloading the lighting structure.
The system is built in conformity to CEI-EN55015, CEI-EN61547, CEI-EN61347-1 European Directives.
Areas of application

The best solution to get at the same time the advantages of an excellent quality of light and energy saving on lighting systems installed in :
  • Stadiums and palasport
  • Sports playground
  • Large public areas

Advantages and benefits

  • Energy Saving (about 25% less current to reach the same lamp light output.
  • Increased lamp lifetime.
  • No higher current during lamp start-up phase.
  • Built-in ignitor.
  • Absence of flickering (flicker free) using High Definition and High Frame Rate TV Broadcasting Cameras.
  • Without any additional component, lamp can work at reduced power (1600W) without any noticeable colour temperature variation.
  • Stabilized lamp current in all the operating Mains Voltage range (380-480V / 50-60Hz).
  • Multivoltage supply. One model only for all Countries.
  • Three phases Mains ever perfectly balanced, as each Electronic Ballast is supplied by all 3 phases (and not 2 phases like magnetic ballasts).

Floodlight with 2Kw Electronic Ballast
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