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HRSU MULTI Standard Ignitor
Hot Restrike Ignitor 1-2Kw
Floodlight A with Hot Restrike Ignitor
Floodlight B with Hot Restrike Ignitor
Starter Unit for the instant re-lighting (Hot Restrike) to install togeter with floodlight provided with 1-2KW MH/HPS lamps approved to be relighted by Hot Restrike Ignitor.

  • Symmetrical version (high voltage splitted between both of lamp’s wires).
  • The device let to install the Control Gearbox (ballast) far from the floodlight, while the H.R. Unit must be positioned very near the lamp fixture.
  • No floodlight modifications are needed: the equipment is provided with enough extended cables both for its supply and for HV output. Special HV cables and connections pass through the original connection box provided with the floodlight. It is necessary only improve lampholders insulation in order to bear HV pulses for hot re-lighting.
  • Voltage pulses generator all electronic designed: no air spark-gaps which features could be modified during the starter operating life or by humidity and temperature changes.
  • One model only for all wattages: it works both at 1000 and 2000W (single phase 220-240V and 2 phases 380-415V operating voltage).
  • Microprocessor controlled, with automatic Voltage Operating selection and management of lamp failure and lamp end life.
  • HV voltage output adjustable in 3 levels, to fit the type of lamp and lampholder insulation.
  • 2 wires only Starter Unit supply: (ballast output + Direct Phase(400V) or + Neutral (230V).
  • 30% more compact than the previous version.
  • Weight 2.00Kg only.

From our Company, you will find all technical assistance, insulating materials, special cables and lampholders able to transform your floodlight into an Hot Restrike System.
Technical features
Hot Restrike Ignitor - Connections scheme
Areas of application
Device to install for the immediate relighting (Hot Restrike) of 1000-2000W floodlights used in :

  • Indoor e Outdoor Sports Playground
  • Stadiums
  • Large areas

Advantages and benefits

  • Full electronic circuitry, microprocessor controlled.
  • 3 adjustable levels of Hot Restrike ignition pulses .
  • One model only for all 1000 and 2000W lighting systems
  • Light and compact (2.0 Kg)
  • Self adjustable operating voltage (220-480V / 50-60Hz)
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