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Hot Restrike Systems - F.A.Q.
All discharge lamps can be used in an Hot Restrike System ?­
No, you can only use double-ended lamps (type Fc2, Rx7s, K12s). Lamps E27 and E40 and their respective holders do not have enough insulation to bear Hot Restart ignition impulses ­(normally more than­20KV) . Some special single ended lamp are also available for Hot Restrike,­ such as E40 lamps with Top Lead and G12/G22 single-ended discharge lamps, using special socket designed for high voltage. However we recommend to consult the data sheet issued from the Manufacturer to verify the lamp suitability.

What type of lampholders can be used ?
It is necessary to adopt ceramic lampholders with high insulation degree, to avoid that these produce discharges to ground or sparkles in the ignition phase when lamp is­hot.
To improve the insulation of lampholder body, the best solution is to mount it by inserting a Teflon or mica sheet and thickness of at least 1mm, using also Teflon screws, or isolating lampholders from the ground by spacers made with insulating material.
Some manufacturers produce lampholders approved for hot relighting (like Bender & Wirth or Vossloh).
Photo Electronics can provide appropriate insulating solutions and indicate where to purchase insulating materials.
In the proximity of the bulb, avoid metal parts or sharp tip to prevent electric arcings. If distances are not sufficient , to improve the insulation can be inserted between bulb and metal parts, materials such as Teflon, ceramic, silicone, etc.

What kind of cable is required for holders subject to ignition Hot Restrike ?
 Lamp cables must be suitable for high-voltage ignition voltage applied. In most cases, single lead cables must be used, approved for high voltage up to 25-35­kV.
It is recommended to use a cable insulated by silicone or better in teflon, because these materials have better insulating properties and resistance to high temperatures.
On non-insulated lamp/lampholders connections, it is necessary to respect creepage and clearance safety distance of approx. 1.5 mm / kV from potential adjacent such as reflectors, normal cables etc. .. In some cases if reflector slots are too much close the lamp, reflector must be modified, enlarging holes up to reach the right safety gap.
INSTART Asymmetric Systems, must be highly insulated only the cable that connects the ballast output to the lamp holder (the so called “hot side”). Although on the system features is specified that lampholder cables can be extended, if necessary, up to 5 meters (Gear Unit in a separate box from the projector), they should be kept as short as possible in order to avoid a reduction of Hot Restrike System efficiency.
In case of INSTART Ignitors symmetric systems (1000-2000W), both lamp supply cables must be high insulation type and possibly have the same length. Photo Electronics provides Teflon cables already appropriately cut to size for every type of projector.

The luminaire ­has to be grounded ?
Absolutely yes.­ Floodlight Class I with HR System must be connected to an earth wire potential (PE) in order to protect persons, the equipment, the mains circuit and to prevent interferences. As a result, capacitive HF voltages, arising from high voltage leading luminaire parts to earth, are short-circuited. Class II floodlights are not recommended.

Are necessary some security device to be installed on the floodlight­?
For maintenance of lighting fixtures, it is recommended to plan during their construction a so-called cut-off switch. It assures that opening the luminaire no high voltage pulses are generated.
With INSTART asymmetric systems, Photo Electronics also provides a surges­ arrester (Discharging Device) to connect­ between the lamp “cold side” (lamp connection cable that is not subject to HR ignition impulses) and earth (PE).

Where INSTART 1000-2000W Hot Restrike symmetrical ignitor has to be positioned ?
Obviously the ignitor is too large to fit in the luminaire junction box; then since the lamp cables have a limited length, the device should be placed very near the projector, normally installed on the mounting bracket, in a location that is not affected by the heat generated when the lamp is on.

An Hot Restrike System may decrease the life of the lamp?
Generally Hot Restart Igniter feature is used only in few cases. So the ignitor intervention during the life of the lamp is very limited and the effect on the lamp life negligible.
INSTART HRSU Multi-S Symmetrical Systems however don’t affect lampservice life. During laboratory tests over than 20,000 re-ignitions were effectued, and the lamp used was still working perfectly.

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