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Symmetrical Hot Restrike Systems
Symmetrical Hot Restrike Ignitor
The system INSTART symmetrical type, is constituted by an ignitor box from place or install near the floodlight. It generates pulses for lamp relighting (hot restrike).

It is called symmetrical, because the ignition pulses are applied on both wires of the lamp. In this way the high voltage needed to ignite the lamp is splitted on two lampholders, and consequently decreases the isolation necessary for these and related cables.

INSTART Hot Restrike ignitor is fully electronic (not using air spark-gap), and autoranging: it operates both at 2000W 380/415V 50-60Hz and 1000W 220/240V 50-60Hz.

The Gear Unit box to match (where are installed the ballast and rephasing capacitor) is a normal type and can be positioned far away from the projector.

Example D of floodlight with Hot Restrike ignitor
Example C of floodlight with Hot Restrike ignitor
Example B of floodlight with Hot Restrike ignitor
Example A of floodlight with Hot Restrike ignitor
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